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Jordan Harbinger: From Sleeping On The Floor To Seven-Figure Entrepreneur


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran interviews Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm, which is one of the biggest podcasts on iTunes. Jordan went from sleeping on the floor and making twenty grand a year to earning a seven-figure income and hosting one of the biggest shows in the history of the Internet. If you want to know how he did it, then you absolutely must listen to this episode!

Main Questions Asked:

  • Why do you think your show has been so successful?
  • What is it about the message you bring that has been so popular globally?
  • Talk about the initial couple of years.
  • What was it that kept you going through the times when it wasn’t easy to produce content?
  • Talk about what it looked like when you started taking dollars from The Art of Charm.
  • What are some of the lessons you have discovered about really successful people that you wouldn’t have learned had you not had access to interview hundreds of people?
  • Would you say you were able to get around these successful people because of your value-based approach?
  • How would you address entrepreneurship today and those who want to get into it but can’t see a path to getting to the level a successful entrepreneur is at?
  • What are the differentiators between the people who can ‘stick it out’ and those who are ultimately better off working for someone else?
  • Tell us about the podcast and how people can find you.

Key Lessons Learned:

 Podcasting Content and Metrics

  • Knowing how to think on your feet, and deliver content in an entertaining and fun way is the key to keeping people engaged.
  • Ensure you are having a real conversation, and are not just ‘presenting content.’
  • Keeping a pulse on what’s cool and what people are looking for is important, as well as bringing esoteric content into the light.
  • Always remember that podcast downloads equal leads, which equals conversion.
  • If your podcast isn’t making you money, then don’t obsess over the metrics.
  • The ‘download’ is a metric because it leads to dollars.
  • So many entrepreneurs care about metrics that don’t actually matter, and are not a result driven activity.
  • Figure out which activities increase the goal that you are working towards, e.g dollars, downloads, or Amazon rank.
  • Back in the day, the convention was based on the thought that “if you build it they will come.” However, the paradigm shifted, and discoverability turned into a new game.
  • A lot of the discovery of ‘the metrics that matter’ in podcasting came from trial and error.
  • Success comes down to leads, sales, and the activity that drives those two things.

What The Art of Charm Did Right

  • 1) Married a channel that wasn’t huge at the time (podcasts), and built up a presence, creating a lifelong supply of leads.
  • 2) Built a real movement in the product and employees.
  • 3) Obsessed with the “metrics that mattered,” and went after the money (not worrying about things that didn’t produce money).

Connecting With People and Influence 

  • You only go as high as your five closest friends.
  • One of the ways to biologically hack your success is to get around extremely successful people.
  • There are so many people at the top level who live for delivering their message to the most important people.
  • The value of connecting with people at a high level is so important that entrepreneurs will literally fly across the planet to be at an important mixer or networking event.
  • How you get ahead is by having a massive network of influential people who value the connection they have with other people highly.
  • Ty Lopez suggests you spend 30% of your time with people who are 10 years ahead of you, 30% of your time with peers, and 30% of your time giving back to people who aren’t quite at your level.

Entrepreneur Differentiators 

  • Jordan suggests that entrepreneurship is a ‘calling.’
  • If you can stand the idea of never making any money with your idea, then go for it.
  • If you need monetary return on your idea, then you will probably regret doing it in the first place because the reward may never come or it will take a lot longer than you think.

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Jordan Harbinger of @theartofcharm went from sleeping on the floor to a 7 figure income. Here’s how: @RyanMoran

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