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Knowledge Is Power: A Reading List To Help You Achieve Optimal Health

“I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in human beings.” – Pearl S. Buck

My 50th birthday happened this summer, July 6th to be exact.  In honor of my 5th decade mark, I want to offer you a gift. Below are some solid materials for you to get on your own self love and self-care program as soon as possible so that you can age with health, beauty and grace.

I was disappointed, to read “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food,” Michael Moss’s article in the New York Times Magazine adapted from his book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us. Moss explains in great depth how the food industry has transformed meals (and snacks) to literally hook us in to products like Doritos. He also explores the devastating, infuriating, unethical “why”: because it makes money.

It’s not that the food industry is unaware of the harm its unnaturally fatty, salty, and sugary foods cause; they are well aware. But they are not willing to change because, unfortunately, they are more interested in the profit they can make off the addiction they cause than in helping us get healthy.

The issue is – we don’t stand up to them because we don’t know any better. In today’s world of mega-grocery stores and processed foods, many of us (myself included for a while) don’t make an effort to understand food – where it comes from and how it works with our bodies.

Understanding And Learning Is PowerWhich is where knowledge is power comes into play. We can know what is good for us, and we can take control of what we use to fuel ourselves instead of trusting companies out for a profit and not our health. There are myriad different ways to eat healthfully, but none of them include highly-processed, additive-filled, unnaturally-colored chips and gummies and goo that come in boxes.

There are a number of fantastic books and films out there that address the dangers of the food industry and give clear guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls of those tempting “low fat!” and “no carb!” labels.

1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma

One of the pioneer books in this subject, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan explains each step of the food industry chain, including disturbing revelations about organic regulations and animal cruelty.

2. The End of Overeating

Dr. David Kessler’s book gets to the heart of why we eat even when we don’t need to and how the food industry (for profit, as usual) pushes us to consume far more than in necessary. He also offers great solutions, such AS, to fight back against this trend.

3. “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”

As the preview shows, this film shows how, no matter where you’re starting from, you have the power to take your health into your own hands through changing your eating habits. It provides a truly inspiring tale, set throughout America, of transformation through food.

4. “Food Inc”

The sound bites alone from this film are astonishing facts: “the way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000” and “the modern supermarket has on average 47,000 products.” This documentary is a fantastic expose on how the modern food industry works and its effects not only on us but also on the environment.

5. “Hungry for Change”

This movie demonstrates how the addiction of processed food, even those we think are better for us (such as diet drinks), works. It exposes the paradox of our societal obsession with weight and health, which is completely at odds with our cultural habits of consumption.

The first step to better health is taking back your understanding of food and the contemporary food industry. Armed with the knowledge from these fantastic sources, you can start making better decisions for your waistline, your family, and the whole planet.

What are you willing to do today to transform your relationship with food in service of your health?

laura fenamoreLaura Fenamore
Weight Release & Body Image Expert Laura Fenamore supports women around the world to love who they see in the mirror.  Through her guidance, they learn to unlock the secrets to healthy weight and to love their bodies like never before.

Laura’s popular Body Image Mastery programs are celebrated by thousands of women who have released their excess weight, reclaimed their self-esteem, and went on to live bold and happy lives. Having overcome her own battle with addiction, obesity, and eating disorders, Laura released 100 pounds 25 years ago.  She has chronicled this journey in her book, Weightless: The Be Good To Yourself Diet.

Laura is a frequent contributor to local and national media including First for Women, Ladies Home Journal and the Dr. Pat Show.  She is a blog contributor on Tiny Buddha, The Daily Love and Positively Positive, and she consults privately from her office in Marin County, CA.  Learn more about Laura’s programs, or invite her to speak by visiting

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