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Mastering Online and Offline Negotiation Tactics

By mastering online and offline negotiation tactics, you`re going to drastically improve your effectiveness in all areas of life – it`s been proven time and time again. If you start to pay attention to your day to day life, both at work and outside of work, and you start to take note of every time during the day that you take part in some type of negotiation, you`ll start to understand how important it is to possess strong negotiation skills.

Negotiations are constantly taking place everywhere, not just in meeting and board rooms. When you`re getting your morning coffee and the drive-thru is all out of mediums so they offer you a large instead – that`s a very small-scale negotiation, but it`s a negotiation none the less.

These days, more and more negotiations are taking place online rather than in person so let`s take a look at some of the differences and similarities between online and offline negotiations and the tactics that work best for each of those two scenarios.

At the core, a negotiation is a negotiation regardless of where it takes place and certain things are going to be the same no matter what – in the next section we`ll take a look at some universal negotiation tips.

First, here are some things that are different between online negotiations and offline negotiations.

The first major difference between the two negotiation platforms is that when you`re negotiating in person, they can see your reaction instantly.

If you don`t have a very good poker face, you will probably be better at online negotiations than offline negotiations.  The other side of that is the fact that online negotiations will give both parties a chance to think things thought a little bit more if the negotiation is taking place via email or an instant messenger, but if it`s through a Skype call or video chat, it becomes much more similar to an offline negotiate.

No matter where your negotiation is taking place, you should always take it seriously and be respectful, whether it`s for something huge or even something tiny.

Universal Negotiation Tips

Here are some tips that apply to all negotiations, regardless of whether they`re taking place online, offline, or a combination of both. Use these tips wisely because they can drastically improve the course of your business, saving you a lot of time, money and stress in the process.

Don`t be afraid to walk away from a negotiation. If you simply can`t reach a compromise, it`s okay to walk away. It`s one thing to bluff that you`re walking away and to hope that you`ll get a last minute offer, yet it`s another thing to actually mean it. Whether you`re bluffing or not, never walk away unless you can afford that outcome.


Negotiations really come down to who needs it more and at what price, but sometimes the best option is to do nothing. If you can`t reach an agreement, end it, and maybe down the road (or maybe the next day) you`ll get a phone call from the other parties involved to let you know they`re now willing to compromise.

The best outcome for a negotiation is for all parties involved to walk away feeling like they got the best deal out of everyone. A talented negotiator is able to make both sides feel like they won, even though in reality there`s always someone coming away a little bit better.

Final Thoughts on Online and Offline Negotiations

At the end of the day, it doesn`t really make a huge difference if your negotiations are taking place online or offline, even if you`re more comfortable with one or the other.

The core, fundamental negotiation skills are similar even if there are a few key differences. The platforms might be slightly different, but the secrets to success stay the same; be respectful of the person you`re negotiating with, never burn any bridges, and always be willing to compromise or at least to seem like you`re compromising.



Mary Ann Keeling is a social media manager and small biz owner from Brisbane, Australia. She thinks that good negotiation skills are crucial for all types of business agreements. In her free time she enjoys hiking and cycling.

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