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My Diabolical Plan To Buy The Cleveland Indians

My Diabolical Plan To Buy The Cleveland Indians
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Take a trip in the Freedom car pool lane with Ryan Daniel Moran. Ryan talks about his dream to own the Cleveland Indians, which would, at this point, take half a billion dollars, but more likely one billion by the time he is ready to make the purchase. However, he doesn’t have the billion-dollar idea yet.

Evaluate The Things You Are Doing Now

Are they going to lead you to the path that you desire? Look at those who are twenty years ahead of you. Are they old, rich, and happy? If not, get yourself a different industry.

In the long-term, your exponential and disrupter ideas will come from an audience, stretching ideas, and deal flow. Those who have reached billion-dollar valuations and billionaires aren’t always the business founders, but often have part in a business and are really wise investors. This is essentially the model Ryan has chosen to follow.

Tai Lopez says that if you are participating in an industry or you think you know what you want to do with your life, add being an investor to that to see how to be in the top 1% of the industry. Funding and advising businesses means you aren’t monopolizing your time but still provide value via audience, connections, and funding. This allows one to step away from operation but still have the exposure to the businesses for the cash flow, equity, and valuations.

Everything Ryan is doing in his businesses now are in place to have him step away from the operation of companies, build on the businesses he runs, create more disruption ideas, and be invested in other businesses he advises or gives capital to.

Large Responsive Audiences

Having a large responsive audience fuels most business success. This is ultimately what business comes down to, taking rabid audiences and putting them into a sequence to turn them into clients and customers. If you own the audience, then you own the distribution.

If you are completely reliant on the channels such as Amazon affiliates, you are flying naked and don’t have a long-term business. The minute something outside of you changes, you don’t have a business.

The Tribe & The Bigger Picture

The Tribe is not about teaching people to build businesses but rather incubating entrepreneurs and new capitalists to source opportunities to get involved in the next big thing. The longer term you can ‘thing,’ the more successful you will be and the more people you will serve. You have to have a cash flow business for a while before you can pivot and think about disruption companies.

When you sell a business that is doing more than $10M per year in revenue, you tend to attract a higher level of investor. The exit plan is different than if you sell a $1M company that will sell for a few times the earnings. A company doing $10M or more can be in a position to have a much higher valuation.

If you control the distribution, capital flow, and audience, you are in a position to build truly exponential disrupter companies.

The Current Position  

Ryan is in the process of building the audience, which is the fuel. His physical products businesses are growing and are in a position to be sold in the next few years, potentially selling for tens of millions of dollars. This will provide a war chest for investments in future businesses. He is starting to plant the seeds for what those exponential businesses will be. The first disrupter company is a tech company startup that is projected to impact half a billion to a billon, and be acquired for a billion-dollar valuation. 

Laser-Focused Commitment

We tend to wait for our ideal situation to exist before we go after our goals. However, you can do it now if you have laser-focused commitment. This is how you win in every area of life. How can you dive into your dream? Line everything up to support your goal.

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