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Name Into Your Greatness – Part 3: The 4 Important Points That Make Up A Great Name

How do you decide what to name your company or product? Is it a gut decision? Do you ask a bunch of friends to see which name is their favorite? Do you do extensive market research?

Today I’m going to share with you a proven method for selecting a final name worth millions. This method was developed over 21 years of experience.

I call it The 4×4!

The 4 Attractions That Make Up A Great NameYou’ll learn the 4 Attractions that make up a great name. You’ll get the fastest way to edit your list of name candidates using my 4 Minute Million Dollar Name Maker. This stuff just works, every time. If you use these tools you will create a great name. Great names work for you 24/7, bad names do, too. Create a great name. Create a million dollar name.

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canon wingCanon Wing, The Namer
Canon Wing could be called the 6 Billion Dollar Woman. For 21 years Canon has named products for Fortune 500 companies like MTV, Nestle, Wendy’s, Kraft, Samsung, Saturn, Kia, and Honda. It’s now her mission to illuminate, inspire, and instruct entrepreneurs to name their creations such that they call into being a greater future for all. She’s the creator of Name A Grow Rich – in motivation, money and meaning. Absolutely join Canon online at

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