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The New Normal Q&A With Jesse Elder From F2L2

We are all operating with a baseline of what is normal. We tend to base our judgments and evaluations on what we think is normal; however, this is simply a concept that can increase and decrease. The concept of ‘normal’ is powerful for entrepreneurs because what we think we are capable of, the amount we can earn, and the impact we can have is based on a false projection in our head of what is ‘normal.’

Jesse Elder is the guy people go to when they have noise in their heads and need to get it in line with their mission and purpose so they can serve more people and go to the next level. During this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, we showcase Jess’s session from Freedom Fast Lane Live.

The fastest way to create breakthrough change is to get around people who shatter those paradigms. If you’ve ever had self-doubt and thought there is a level you couldn’t hit because something was holding you back, then you will love this session.

Nothing Is Real  

Everything is an understanding or projection in your own brain. This messes with your mind at first and then becomes a freeing thought. You will then realize that negative interpretations aren’t real and are simply in your head.

The Ego

We all have an ego. It is the sense of the individual self and where we get our self-esteem and confidence. The Ego is demonized a lot but is actually very important. It always feels threatened when it sees something as competition. When we see someone else’s reality, it comes back to training ourselves that every single human being has an individual relationship with money and there is not a shortage of how much you can have flow in your life.

Incremental Progress and Success

So often we know what the action is but don’t do it. Choose who you will have conversations with and who you will allow into your experience. This will sometimes involve making graceful transitions out of friendships.

Abundance and Big Money

This is not a philosophy but rather a behavior. This is a series of choices and standards you hold for yourself. Everyone has an idea of what ‘big money’ means to them. The problem with ‘big money’ is that, and the reason it keeps you stuck is when you say ‘big’ you brain thinks big equals difficult and difficult takes a long time.

Money is a choice multiplier, but it is not you. It is something you can wield for the fulfillment of your vision.


Affirmations by themselves don’t work, but affirmations coupled with action work brilliantly. Place affirmations around your environment, “making $x per week is easy and effortless,” in order to normalize. When you are relaxed, creatively flows and risk doesn’t seem so risky anymore.


This is a culturally popular but an inherently flawed premises. The idea of risk presupposes that you have multiple choices of which some are safer than others. Manage your risk and take the choice that seems most profitable or less dangerous. The flawed premise is that risk implies that you have a choice. When you are clear about your vision, values, why, strategy, and get a ‘yes’ in your body, then risk goes away. When you are fully committed, you don’t entertain other possibilities. When we stop entertaining, other possibilities that compete with the one we have chosen. The one we have chosen becomes everything.

Get Locked In 

When you are locked into your direction, it is attractive to others and people start following. People crave authenticity, clarity, and power. Those three components are unstoppable, and we can’t help but be attracted to that person because that is the quality in us we wish to amplify and experience.

The Two Barriers to Being Authentic

  • You must overcome your fear of disapproval.
  • If there is any fear of disapproval in you, then you are sacrificing your authenticity at some level.
  • Some people will love you and others will hate you, but neither has anything to do with you.
  • Remove the need for approval in the first place.
  • A child doesn’t become an adult until they overcome the fear of disapproval.
  • An adult doesn’t become free until they remove the need for approval.


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