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Nicholas Steele: Developing An Unbreakable Spirit

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Steele’s story is remarkable; paralyzed after a tree had fallen on him, he was determined to stay positive, and openly defied everyone who told him that he would never walk again by believing that he would walk again. Using the power of his mind, Steele began to feel pain, make small movements, and finally walk into the surgeon’s office that told him he would spend the rest of his life nothing but a shell of a man.

Even though his physical state had improved, things began to fall apart for Steele in other areas; his wife left him and told him that he would never see his son again. Giving in to pressures of the situation, Steele decided to give up, and his physical accomplishments quickly reverted.

Steele knew that he could not give up and leave his son without a father, and again using the power of the mind began a recovery process that you’ll want to hear him tell in this episode.

As Steele believes that he was “spared to help others,” his passion and positivity is abundant, and he wants to help give you the tools to live a happy, healthy, and financially free life.

Main Questions Asked:

  • At what point in the experience were you able to know you would get through this situation?
  • After having recovered both emotionally and physically, what did you learn that we, as humans, really want in life? What is really important in life?
  • Why do you keep prioritizing financial freedom?
  • What do you say to that person in that 9 to 5 job that is anxious about money?
  • What is it you want to achieve?
  • A lot of people get stuck on the ‘how’; what gave you the “stickability”, that hard-nosed determination, to focus on an end goal without knowing the details of the ‘how’?

Key Points made in this episode

  • In the moment that he realized he was paralyzed Steele knew that he could not give up. “I kept telling myself that I would be okay.”
  • After his first recovery Steele realized that “anything is possible if you believe it.
  • “Life can be tough, but you have to keep getting back up and fighting.” – Nicholas Steele
  • Three points to remember: Anything is possible. You must never give up. The power of the mind is incredible.
  • “I thought I had everything, but when I was lying in a hospital bed I realized I hadn’t achieved anything in my life. I hadn’t been fully alive.”
  • It’s important to identify what being happy, healthy, and wealthy looks like to you.
  • “Real life is all about money. You need financial abundance to free you from stress, so get off your ass and do something about it!” – Nicholas Steele
  • “Life is not about money; it’s about the experiences we can have, but money is the tool that gets us there.” – Ryan Daniel Moran
  • “If you get knocked down by a car tomorrow, and you spend the rest of your life in (the) hospital, you’ll always be wishing you had done it; lived your life.” – Nicholas Steele
  • Don’t be frightened; failure is normal!
  • It all comes down to you; you have to be prepared to make the changes in your life to succeed.

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