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Kamal Ravikant: Overcoming Adversity in the Face of Failure


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran interviews bestselling author of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It and Live Your Truth, Kamal Ravikant. He’s a venture capitalist and one of the go-to guys in Silicon Valley that helps new tech start-ups become successful. Kamal discusses his journey of being busy and stressed out to discovering how abundant life can be. If you’ve ever found yourself stressed out about work or not quite living what you think your purpose should be then you need to listen to this podcast.

Main Questions Asked

  • Share the story of your book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It
  • Tell us about going to the bottom and how did you get back up?
  • Kamal loves himself but how does that impact me?
  • Talk about the decision of coming out of such a painful experience
  • What was the process of when things started to get better?
  • Did you experience a moment of adjustment when you weren’t sure what you loved?
  • Explain the concept of ‘going deeper’
  • What challenges came up that threatened to derail your process?
  • Is it possible to go through an evolutionary process without hitting rock bottom and going through pain?
  • How do you suggest people go and find their truth and live it out?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Most people talk about the ascension to the top but not about losing it all
  • Making a vow to yourself is one of the purest things you can do
  • Loving yourself is a consistent practice
  • Make decisions based in happiness rather than another benefit that you want
  • If you make loving yourself a baseline you start to ask yourself when opportunity and decisions arise “would I do this if I really loved myself?”
  • When you are totally happy you tend to be more productive and have better experiences
  • The best advice Kamal received was “life is from the inside out”
  • Whatever you decide has to be consistent focus practice
  • It doesn’t matter what you believe just decide and go ‘all in’
  • Only do things with people you love and things that are a full expression of yourself
  • Life doesn’t give you all the answers in one day
  • Be consistent and go deeper. You have to continue to evolve and grow
  • The magic happens when you are being consistent through challenges
  • Michael Singer in The Un-tethered Soul says “Life will continue to throw you new challenges that will make you close up or open up”
  • Tony Robins says “You’ll never stop having problems you just have a higher level of problems”
  • There is a belief that one day we’ll arrive and have no more problems but this idea can be cured once you go through the refined by fire process
  • Loving yourself sometimes means reaching out to people and asking for help
  • One has to step up in life to themselves and you will evolve along the way
  • The stuff that holds us back is just in our head and negative self talk

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