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Passive Income With Dividends, and How Trump Affects Investors w/ Matthew Paulson

High achievers are really good at creating income, but notoriously bad at growing it, investing it, and protecting it.

The fastest way to financial freedom is to build a business and to invest the profits. If you already own a profitable business, then you will become free by investing your profits into other passive income streams.

Once again: go all in on your business, and diversify through investing.

The staple of a strong strategy can and should be in dividend income. However, there is a very specific formula for dividends, and I invited Matthew Paulson from to join us to go over the strategy.

Matthew and I met in our passive income class, which is made for entrepreneurs to give them the strategies to invest their profits into passive income streams, while also growing wealth and shielding against unnecessary tax burdens.

The investment class is currently closed, but we are taking applications for the next round of students (estimated release in March 2017).

Matthew will be on the investment panel at this year’s Freedom Fast Lane Live, and you will receive a free copy of his new book when you walk through the door.

Grab your ticket to Freedom Fast Lane Live to meet Matthew, J Massey, Jason Hartman, Jonathan Twombly, and the rest of the investment panel, as well as the entire lineup of millionaires and billionaires that will be giving you the keys to build a business and invest the profits.

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