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IT’S OFFICIAL: Peter Diamandis is the keynote speaker for this year’s
Freedom Fast Lane Live.

No one is better positioned to completely change your life in one hour.


You’re biggest problem as an entrepreneur the is the way you think.

The biggest problem in this world is the way that it thinks about

Peter Diamandis is the biggest influence on solving both of these problems, because he shatters what is “normal” and empowers entrepreneurs to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

As a speaker, he is riveting.

As an entrepreneur, he is inspiring.

As a coach, he is challenging.

And you’ll be riveted, inspired, and challenged as a result of meeting and hearing from Peter Diamandis.

For a teaser, see his incredibly powerful Ted Talk from 2012 here:

Peter’s biggest focus right now is extending the human lifespan by a healthy 30 years.
 I’m so on board with that.

In addition, Peter advises some of the other speakers at this year’s F2L2. We’ll be discussing that in person this December.

Not familiar with Peter? Watch his appearance with Tony Robbins at last year’s Genius Network below:


If you are limiting your ability to create in any way…

If you are settling for a small business when you know that you could be doing something great…

If you’ve ever worried that you wouldn’t find your true purpose or gift to the world…

If you hate the thought of not leaving a mark on this world…

Then you need to meet Peter.

Peter will be sharing on stage at Freedom Fast Lane Live this December, and you can get tickets here.

Peter joins an already stellar lineup that includes Whole Foods’ Founder John Mackey, billionaire Jesse Itzler, JP Sears, Alicia Silverstone, Mike Dillard, and others still to come. Grab your tickets here.

(Please note that early bird tickets end in a few weeks, and we will be publicly opening tickets in September at a higher price.)

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