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Peter Shallard: The Shrink For Entrepreneurs

Peter Shallard

If you know an entrepreneur who is not experiencing fun and freedom in their business (maybe it’s you), this is an episode you should definitely pass along to them. Today’s conversation is going to prove pivotal for many who hear it because Peter Shallard – the Shrink for Entrepreneursuncovers some of the mindset and practical performance issues that keep 90% of entrepreneurs plugging away at their businesses in misery. Peter is Ryan’s personal coach, so you know that what he has to say is worthwhile, and it’s definitely worth your time to listen.

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The primary work of entrepreneurs is not what you think.

Most entrepreneurs think that their job is to grind and hustle and bang out the things that make their business a success. But Peter Shallard contends that those beliefs are what make the entrepreneurial journey a grind in the most negative sense of the word. His belief, and what he’s proven through the stunning turnarounds many of his coaching clients have experienced after following his counsel, is that the primary work of every entrepreneur is to get into and maintain a state of flow that makes their work enjoyable and easy. Does that sound impossible? It won’t after you hear what Peter has to say.

Most entrepreneurs set themselves up to crash and burn.

We hear it all the time: Build a successful business in your pajamas – Create the lifestyle of freedom that you want and deserve. It’s entirely possible, but for many entrepreneurs who take that route the discovery they soon make is that being alone in their basement in their pajamas is a much tougher environment in which to motivate and fuel their creativity. As a result the hustle and grind breaks them down and the work that was supposed to produce freedom becomes an agony. On this episode, the Shrink for Entrepreneurs, Peter Shallard joins Ryan to discuss this and many other of the roadblocks to entrepreneurial success, but more importantly, how to overcome them.

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The key question to ask yourself about productivity.

The Pomodoro technique. Getting Things Done (GTD). Less Doing (now Leverage). There are so many modern productivity methods out there. Each of them has their place and is valuable for what it provides, but more important than the approach you take to being productive are the questions you ask yourself about why you are seeking to be productive in the first place. Today’s guest, Peter Shallard is a business coach who emphasizes that a focus on what you are optimizing for is more important than all the hacks and tips you can come up with. You can hear Peter’s insights on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Most entrepreneurs already have their formula for massive success…

They just don’t realize it. That’s what Peter Shallard believes and on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane he points out many examples from his broad experience with clients of how it has proven to be true over and over. Could it be true for you? Is it possible that your past successes already point the way to what you need to do in order to maximize your success in the future? Peter would say, “Yes,” and you’ll find out why on this episode.

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Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:01] Ryan’s introduction to this episode and his guest, Peter Shallard.
  • [1:45] Why is Peter considered “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs?”
  • [4:12] How is an entrepreneur’s work to remain in a state of flow where work is easy?
  • [5:49] What does Peter do to help entrepreneurs get into that state of flow?
  • [10:50] Why more than 95% of entrepreneurs are miserable in their businesses.
  • [16:35] Building your own environment of accountability as a key to success.
  • [19:56] What you can do to overcome the natural obstacles of entrepreneurship.
  • [25:40] The key question to ask yourself about your productivity.
  • [30:33] Breaking the mindset that you have to do everything.
  • [34:26] The importance of superpowers, for leaders and teams.
  • [39:34] Ryan’s discovery about content production and the time it takes.
  • [41:27] Peter’s project: Commit Action
  • [44:17] Ryan’s take aways from this conversation with Peter.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Look to your past successes in business to determine the actions and approaches that have given you the biggest return. Your future success will probably be something along that same line.

FOR PRODUCTIVITY: Productivity methods should not be driving to you get more done. It should be helping you maximize your time to do the most important things. Take some time to assess what you do that gets the majority of your results. How can you adjust your productivity to focus on those things?

FOR ACCOUNTABILITY: If you’re a solopreneur you’re in greater danger of burnout than other entrepreneurs. Find ways to engage with others. Some ideas: A mastermind group. A coaching relationship. Build a team by outsourcing the things you shouldn’t be doing.

FOR GETTING STARTED: If you’re new to the online space and want to get off to the right start, you need Ryan’s 10 Day Challenge. At the end of 10 days, you’ll have a real action plan to get yourself into the freedom fast lane.

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