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Recognise An Emerging Real Estate Market Through A Single Stat

Emerging real estate markets are the real estate investor’s Holy Grail. Finding one, getting in there fast and coming out at the right time means that your bank balance will look incredibly healthy.

This is exactly why when it comes to spotting an emerging market the savvy real estate investor has to develop techniques which allow him to recognize it quickly, get in there and assess it and start working to make big money fast.


I know the obvious question here is how do you do that exactly and I will hasten to confirm that it is no secret. There are many factors which are a dead giveaway that an emerging real estate market is happening but the one clear indicator, and please note the word indicator I use here, is an influx in state subsidies and local government housing initiatives.

There are many reasons why this is the clearest indicator not least because local government and state initiatives always happen in tandem with private enterprise moves.

So, for instance, a new corporation moving into the area, a new factory opening up or new business moving there, always happens after applying for and receiving state and local government approval and this then gives these organisations the advance warning they need to start planning for the development of the infrastructure and the incentives needed long before any one else.

The house for sale

Those who invest in real estate learn to be on the look out for such signs and subscribe, as a matter of routine, to many alerts in state areas where such investments may be happening.

The point here is that you should not jump at every such initiative as a matter of course but develop, instead, the ability to strategically assess each early warning you get in terms of what else is happening in order to identify that it is actually a true emerging market.

The moment you are fairly certain, and please note that 100% certainty on an emerging real estate market happens always after the market has matured and the opportunity has been missed, you can swing into action contacting those who are interested in getting into such markets so they can start putting the money together and you can start focusing on what real estate investors do best: identifying good deals and closing them fast.

Those who know me already are aware that I have often made a killing on emerging real estate markets because I was the first one to spot them, move in and then get out. None of this was luck. I worked at getting the information I needed early enough for me to make an accurate assessment and an appraisal of the risks involved and then I moved in.

The point is that if you are diligent in putting out feelers in the first place that alert you of the changes and opportunities as they emerge you are then in prime position to capitalize on this ahead of everyone else.



David Lindahl, also known as the “Apartment King” has been successfully investing in single-family homes and apartments for the last 18 years. He is the author of four popular, money making home study courses “Apartment House Riches”, “How To Estimate And Renovate House For Huge Profits” “Managing For Maximum Profits” and “The Real Estate Investors Marketing Tool Kit”. Click here to receive a free copy of his latest free book ” A Complete Guide To Making Money In Real Estate In Your HomeTown”

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