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Rob Scott: “The Shift” Homeless Drug Addict To Top Business Advisor


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Think life is tough? 

Imagine being a homeless drug addict… and just to make it worse, you’ve also got cancer.

That was Rob Scott’s reality.

If you’ve ever thought that you were too “down and out” to become successful, then Rob’s story may adjust your perspective.

Rob went from broke, homeless, drugged out, and sick to becoming one of the top marketing and business advisors on the planet. And he believes that some of the lessons that he learned while “down and out” were what freed him to become insanely successful.

On this podcast, Rob talks about what he calls The Fundamental Shift. He discusses the changes that took him from the bottom to the top, and how you can use them to impact the change that you want to see.

This is a good one. As you’re listening, ask yourself the following question: What area of YOUR life do you want to see a Fundamental Shift? And how can you use the strategies that Rob discovered to make that shift? You’ll find the answer on this call. 

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ryan purple shirtRyan Daniel Moran
Ryan’s motto is “live an extraordinary life.” And, he certainly lives up to the challenge. As a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ryan started a small internet business from his dorm room to help pay his tuition . . . and by the age of 20, he was earning a 6-figure income and other online ventures – all while continuing to study full time. Needless to say, Ryan’s “side business” allowed him to graduate debt free – with a nice chunk of change left over. After college, Ryan expanded his online business and set out to see the world. His next big adventure? Inspiring others to live free lives and create their own destinies.

With that vision in mind, Ryan created the Freedom Publishing Group LLC, which offers life-changing products in financial freedom, health and fitness, and self-development. Freedom Fast Lane exists to inspire, educate, and empower people to live extraordinary lives. Ryan is a world traveler, an avid Cleveland Indians fan, and a big fan of freedom.

Rob ScottRob Scott is an entrepreneur and high level coach. Starting from nothing, Rob overcame unthinkable odds to rise to the top of the corporate ladder before graduating into a high level marketing and business coach. As an advisor, he has worked with some of the top businessmen in the world. He is now changing the world through his Fundamental Shift technology, which helps people create breakthroughs in life and in business, based upon his extensive experience in shifting companies – and people – from the bottom, to the top.

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