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Scott Voelker: Monetizing Your Audience

Scott Voelker Monetizing Your Audience

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One of the most effective ways to guarantee that a business is going to be successful and be profitable for a long time is by having a responsive audience. In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan interviews Scott Voelker, who has built an incredibly responsive audience in a short time. Scott outlines how he built the audience, the roadblocks, and the transition into monetizing. This episode will demystify the process behind monetizing a profitable audience.

Building The Audience

Scott wanted to build an audience of people who were likeminded and knew he wanted to hang out with. He found Facebook groups that were talking about his topic and made himself of value for about six weeks before asking if they would listen to the podcast if he made it. Essentially, he went to where the audience was already hanging out and provided them with content.

The Rule of Three

If you get people to see you in three different places, they psychologically know, like, and trust you. Scott had the podcast, email list, and Facebook group.

The Amazing Seller Podcast  

Every time Scott posts an episode, he sends an email to his list. For long-term sustainability, evergreen content is important; however, news and topical information is essential for short term spikes. If you can spike your audience and utilize the rule of three, then there will be spikes of engagement from listenership.


In the beginning, Scott wasn’t sure how to monetize or if it would happen. He followed the John Lee Dumas model and gave the audience as much free content as possible to the point where they were asking ‘why isn’t this person charging for this?’ Fifty episodes were live before he offered the pre-sale for his class. Scott taught on a webinar for 60 minutes, then offered a paid class. He essentially ended up listening to the audience and started releasing courses, coaching, and training around what people were demanding. Every day, Scott answers emails, comments on the blog, and shows up on the Facebook group.

Testing Offers & The Audience 

It is easy and quick to test offers if you focus on testing rather than ‘this is my new life direction.’ There are no shortcuts that will end up being long-term. A lot of people make the mistake of changing their message to appeal to an audience rather than driving forward of where they want to go. You will call your audience into being by what you put out there. The people who show up are those that resonate with what you put out there. The best way is to put offers out there to test and build long-term systems around the ones that work in order to be consistent cash flow streams.

The Failures vs. The Successes

 The new show is far more niche on a specific topic, where people are listening for a specific reason. The difference between The Amazing Seller and Scott’s previous podcast endeavors is that he has a passion for the new venture with solid results that he can share. The niched down business model lends well to being zoned in on and helps people on a focused level.

Identifying What Offers to Test

Scott wanted something that wasn’t a massively overwhelming course and also involved being in a tight community. He reversed engineered and asked, “What would I have wanted, and would I want to continue after going through the process?” John Lee Dumas’s Podcasters Paradise was also a model that Scott looked at when identifying what offers to test.

As soon as the audience accepted the offer, and Scott had his first 25 clients, he worked for two weeks on creating the content. Each time he created a module, he released it to the Facebook group for feedback so he could fine tune.

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