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Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Success

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Poor people set daily goals, rich people set annual goals, and really rich people set ten-year goals. In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran talks about this concept and how it radically changed his life and made a difference is his health, happiness, and wellbeing.

How the Brain Works

The part of the brain that evolved first and is out to survive is called the croc brain. This is in charge of finding food, procreating, and identifying danger. Most of us have our lives run by this part of the brain that has the fastest response and keeps us thinking short-term. When it comes to entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people who run their business using this part of the brain.

Those who are successful in the long-term are those who are able to listen to the croc brain but switch off the desire to fulfill short-term needs, and instead plan for a much better long-term goal. If you continue to chase after small wins, you will never feel as though you have ‘arrived.’

The Slight Edge

Small decisions over a long period of time are what determine success. Extracting dollars from customers may serve you short-term, but compromises the connection you have with your customers long-term. Taking money out of your business prematurely instead of investing in order to build something that is much stronger is also an example of a small decision with long-term implications. Success comes as the result of consistent decisions that are easy to do and easy not to do. Rather than asking yourself how this decision will change your life tomorrow, ask what trajectory this decision will put you on and how will this consistent decision change your life fifty years from now.

Showing Up In Your Business

How you show up in your business determines where you are in business a year or two from now. The person who doesn’t build systems in their business will continually work ‘in’ their business and not ‘on’ their business. You should not go into something unless you are willing to put in a years worth of work and see very little results. Most people are not willing to sacrifice what is in front of them in the short-term in order to enjoy a completely different quality of life. What your life looks like in a year from now is correlated to the seeds you decide to plant today.

Life Only Happens in the Long-Term

The people whose life happens in quick wins burn out fast, get depressed, lonely, and out of shape. When you are focused on short-term wins, then you can’t make long-term decisions as you are operating from a survival mindset. The only good decision making power comes from removing yourself from making short-term decisions, and instead planting seeds for the long-term. Ask yourself what you are sacrificing long-term for short-term success.

Long-Term Success

Success is not what you do today but what you do today and for the next ten years consistently. They are simple, strategic, consistent investments made over a long period of time. The difference between you winning and losing is usually ‘are you willing to play for a longer game than the next guy?’

Asking the Questions

  • Where are you sacrificing long-term success for short-term wins?
  • Where can you start planting seeds so that five years from now your life is in a completely different place than where it is right now?
  • Seeds can be sewn with regards to body, relationships, business, how you spend your time, and expansion you feel around people.

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