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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: Millionaire Entrepreneur Mike Dillard


IT’S OFFICIAL: Mike Dillard will be speaking at this year’s Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Mike has been building successful businesses since he started his career. By the age of 27 he had built his first multi-million dollar business in teaching business owners how to use “attraction marketing” strategies to engage with their customers and sell their products.

On this topic alone, Mike would be an excellent addition to the Freedom Fast Lane Live speaker line up. But Mike has a lot more to share.

Not familiar with Mike? Listen to his episode on Freedom Fast Lane, where he outlines how he makes $100,000 per month to invest into his other businesses.

Mike believes in and sees it as his mission to empower those around him who want to change their lives and the world around them for the better. He has reached a massive audience through his Self Made Man Podcast and the Self Made Man Society… which brings mentors and leadership in all areas of business, relationships, finance and health.

Another area of expertise that Mike will be sharing with the Freedom Fast Lane audience in December is his work in List-Grow Mike has openly shown his students exactly what he has done to build his email list to over 400,000 current subscribers.

While doing all this, Mike also is a father, an amazing individual, and is quick vocal about his passions in racing down the speedway at 160 MPH and enjoying the best of what life has to offer.

Mike will be sharing his wealth of information with the attendees at Freedom Fast Lane Live. Make sure you grab your tickets soon to hear directly from Mike Dillard and the rest of our all-star line-up of speakers.

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