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IT’S OFFICIAL: The founder and CEO of one of the world’s fastest peer-to-peer travel sites (, Mark Jenney, will be speaking at Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015.

Mark has founded over 30 companies, and he has worked with and inspired entrepreneurs all over the country. Rarely seen from stage, Mark is making the trip to the F2L2 stage to share his experience on building scalable, market-changing businesses.

On a personal note, I consider Mark to be my best friend and possibly the biggest influence on my life. Mark is one of the greatest human beings that you’d ever want to meet, plus one of the most aggressive and smartest entrepreneurs.

Mark was recently featured on the Freedom Fast Lane podcast in this episode:

How does Mark represent the F2L2 idea of thinking bigger? Mark had already sold approximately $100 million in products and services online when he founded However, in the last few years, he has made a radical change from building large cash flow business to building sellable, scalable, and market-changing business that produce immense amounts of value. As a result, he’s experienced more success and happiness than in any of the previous years. At F2L2, he’ll share how operating from a value-producing mindset has produced bigger possibilities, higher level contacts, and a better quality of life.

If Mark has 1/10th of the impact on you that he has had on me, your life will change. Meeting him face-to-face and hearing him speak is guaranteed to cause a shift in your mindset, and that alone is worth the trip to Freedom Fast Lane Live (F2L2). TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE – sign up now and get the early bird discount ($500 OFF the normal price).

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