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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: mykind Organics Founder, Alicia Silverstone!

IT’S OFFICIAL: Alicia Silverstone will be speaking at Freedom Fast Lane Live this December in Austin, TX.

Alicia is best known for her acting career. She has credits alongside George Clooney, Queen Latifah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver and many others. She has starred in multiple box office hits such as Clueless, Batman & Robin, Butter, and Vamps. She has even theatre credits to her name, such as The Performers, Time Stands Still, and Of Good Stock.

It is what Alicia isn’t as well known for that makes her an amazing addition to the speaker line-up for Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Alicia quietly became part of one of the biggest supplement businesses in the world.

Watch below to hear more about why Alicia created the brand mykind Organics.

Alicia and her partnership with Garden of Life identified an unmet need within an industry that many have called saturated. It was through her vision and passion that a certified organic and non-GMO vitamin was created and the line has boomed.

Alicia will be joining us at Freedom Fast Lane Live this December to share her journey of having a personal need in her life and creating a business that tackles this problem for herself and others. Alicia is yet another example of how business and entrepreneurs are improving the lives of those around them.

Join us this December to be a part of this amazing event that will change how you look at business and entrepreneurship. Tickets are on sale now for a limited time at the Early Bird rate of $500 off the regular price!

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