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IT’S OFFICIAL: Blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn will be joining you at Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015, speaking from stage, and staying for all three days of the event.

Pat is the host of Smart Passive Income, one of the most widely recognized (and highly downloaded) business podcasts on iTunes.

Pat is the author of Let Go, and he is widely recognized for his transparency, honesty, and being a genuinely good man. With a dedication to his family before business, he is a shining example for what our industry should be.

Also, the dude knows how to dress!

How does Pat represent the F2L2 idea of thinking bigger?
 We all know that we should build audiences. In fact, I personally have made most of my money from having responsive audiences. But Pat takes audience building – and passionate audiences – to a new level. Because of Pat’s audience, he could (in theory) launch a multi-million dollar business in any industry.

Most importantly, Pat has done it ethically, honestly, and while putting family first.

Meeting Pat face-to-face and hearing him speak is guaranteed to cause a shift in your mindset, and that alone is worth the trip to Freedom Fast Lane Live (F2L2). Tickets go on sale August 11 – sign up for early bird notifications for tickets here.

Have you been impacted by Pat in some way? Share how in the comments!

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