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The Fast Lane To 8-Figure Exits

The Backroom Creates Connections & Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Who Are Building Empires

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From The First Million To Your 8-Figure Exit...

You built your first seven figure business with a simple strategy and a lot of blood and sweat.

You will stay stuck at seven figures if you never change your game.

Getting to eight figures is about your vision and your team, and building a $100m empire is all about who you know.

The Backroom puts you in a room with ambitious entrepreneurs who are building eight figure businesses, so that you are pulled toward your highest purpose.

Together, we create business rollup opportunities, funding opportunities, business partnerships, and group investments to go further than you can go on your own. Each piece brings you closer down your path to wealth and freedom.

Ryan Moran on stage with investment panel

Raise Your Company Valuation & Sell For Millions

When you join The Backroom, you will plug into a network that can grow your business quickly and raise its valuation.

One introduction can completely change your financial future. The right connection to a retail broker, business advisor, or private equity buyer can radically change your company’s value.

As a result, Backroom businesses are often more attractive to potential acquirers, and they sell for bigger paydays. While some online companies sell for 2-4x earnings, Backroom members sometimes sell for double. Plus, our network of brokers and private equity groups will make your big payday fast and painless.

When it is time for you get your windfall, you will also connect with investment opportunities for passive income, tax avoidance, and wealth generation, so that you never have to work again.

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How The Backroom Gets You There Faster

Your best opportunities come from the people that you meet. The Backroom exposes you to a board of advisors, hiring managers, capital sources, and your next eight figure venture partners… for the cost of an entry level employee.

From hiring the next A-player to funding your growth to selling your business, The Backroom has connections to make it happen faster.

As a result, you will open opportunities that would not normally exist, grow your existing business, sell for more money, and invest in private deals for lifelong freedom.

Your membership is the fast lane to accomplishing your boldest ambitions.

What You Get In The Backroom

Training From Business Advisors

Backroom Members have the opportunity to be incubated by and advised by our Board of Advisors. The Backroom courts the top recruiters, business brokers, retail advisors and experienced investors, so that your connections make it easier to move from where you are to sellable, scalable business.

Network Of Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Every Backroom member has an eight figure ambition, so you will raise your standards and your results. Plus, you will network with advisors and investors who want to invest in or buy your business.

Private Investments and Backdoor Deals

Backroom Members get access to private investment opportunities, including investing in emerging businesses within the group. As your profits grow, these back-door connections can open up opportunities for upside or cashflow that are unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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“Save yourself time… so that getting to $10 million can happen in 2 years instead of 10.”

– Justin Dyson, Backroom Member

“What are you better at than everyone else? Where can you create demand in the market?”

– Andy Redmer, Backroom Member

“Drink, eat, be merry, and we’ll work in the morning.”

– Ryan Moran, Backroom Costa Rica Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Qualify For The Backroom?

Membership requires that you have the goal of building and selling an eight-figure business. The best results often come from those who are selling multiple products, or they have an audience of at least 10,000 people with access to growth capital. You must be cool, willing to work, and have a mentality of contribution.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining?

When you join The Backroom, you are paying for speed of results. You can grow from seven figures to eight on your own, but your new tribe of peers will save you years of pain and struggle. You could sell your company on your own, but access to our network will let you sell for the most money possible in far less time.

How Much Coaching Is Included?

The Backroom is not a coaching group, it is mentoring program. You’re already a high achiever, and you do not need to be held by the hand; you simply need access to bigger and better opportunities. While you will actively connect with a slew of advisors and mentors, the focus of The Backroom is to create opportunities and makes them available to you, so that they are within your grasp.

How Much Is My Membership?

The cost of The Backroom is about the cost of an entry level employee. In return, you open up opportunities for seven figure partnerships, distribution in retail and Amazon, capital partners and investors, and connections to business buyers who can pay eight figures when you decide to sell your business. Plus, you will gain access to insider investment deals for wealth generation and cash flow, so that you never worry about money again. You will also have access to a rolodex of attorneys, accountants, and other service providers, which would cost you time and expenses to find on your own. As a result, this “entry level employee” is the equivalent of a C-Level advisory board that has a vested interest in seeing your business grow.

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