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The Power Of Giving 110%

One of the most powerful strategies to get results beyond your wildest dreams is to do 10% more than your best! 

One of Abraham Lincoln’s famous quotes is, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”  The Power of 110% says, “Whatever you are, be a great one.”

The Power Of Giving Your Best ShotWhether your goal is success in a new or existing business, financial freedom, or anything else, the 110% rule makes it a reality.  When we clearly define what we want, create a plan to get it and do our best, we make choices that dramatically improve our odds of achieving success.

Not surprisingly, people who become top in their field live by this rule.  By simply giving 110% to any task, we can’t help but consistently improve our results and increase our success. When we have put in our best effort we can look ourselves in the mirror and know that we did everything in our power to achieve the results we desire.

A perfect and simple example of this occurred recently at our son’s baseball tryouts for a club team where most of the other players had been playing throughout the summer.  At this stage, our son had not played for three months and I was concerned about his performance.  When I asked him his plan he responded, “Give 110%.” While he is not the team’s pitcher, he was the only child on the team to pitch 5 strikes and had the fastest running time between bases.  That is the Power of 110%.

One of our top producers in our MSU Mastermind community has been able to double his revenue by applying this rule.  This is just how powerful it is.


Step #1: Believe It

It all begins with a belief that we can do it.  Even when we haven’t yet achieved our goal, simply believing it is possible can give us the edge to make it a reality. 

Step #2: Create It

Once we believe it, we need to create a road map to get it.  When we take the time to create a road map to achieve our goal, it happens quicker and with less effort.

Step #3: Enjoy It

One of the most important and yet overlooked steps is the power to enjoy the journey towards our goals.  Too often people have an embedded belief that achieving financial freedom or running a successful multi-million dollar business is all work and no play.  The reality is, when we pursue our passion, we need to enjoy the process and our work will seem worth it, and not just a tedious task.

Before you start your day, commit to putting 110% into everything you do. Identify the areas you need to focus on and then prioritize the list. Begin with the first item on your list, and then continue as you master it.  With this commitment you can instantly begin to see the results of the Power of 110% in your business and your life.

annette bauAnnette Bau
Annette Bau is the founder of, one of the top mastermind performance communities in the country. Annette is also the author of four books & numerous products including, “The 7 Principles of Becoming a Millionaire for Life.” She has been a top producer for over 20 years, advising and working with business owners and affluent women. She has shared her message with over 100,000 small business owners & independent professionals. Her companies work with tens of thousands of advisors in over 7 countries, in almost every major advisory, brokerage & consulting firm. Access insight to create your dream business & life at

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