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The Royal Wedding.. You & Your Money!

Call me crazy, but a few weeks ago, I got up at 4 in the morning, mixed some flour, baking powder, sugar, butter and raisins together, popped them in the oven, put a couple of logs in the fireplace, brought down my two favorite pillows from upstairs bedroom, got my most comfortable coach blanket, and put on the Royal Wedding!

Hey, I wasn’t alone! It is estimated that one third of the world’s population watched the wedding and I wanted to see history unfold before my eyes.

Do I like weddings? No. Do I like a Wedding cake? Absolutely, it’s my favorite!!

It not often that major events in history are planned, most happen unexpectedly, and have to been seen on the news or afterwards on the internet. When they are planned, I like to participate.

So that morning, . I made some scones, that’s what went into the oven, had my bangers and beans ready for a hearty English breakfast after the wedding, and I actually had a cake too! I’ll use any excuse to eat some cake!


During the first hour, I was able to workout in my home gym and watch the TV there. I thought the wedding started at 4, I didn’t realize it was actually going to start two hours later, but that’s OK, I got to listen and watch all of the background info.

The gym allowed me to justify eating a couple extra scones, and more cake! I’ve got a history with England. My mom’s side of my family comes from England so I’m half English, and half Swedish.

I lived in England for almost a year when I did a co-op for Northeastern University. I was a finance major and went to work for IBM as an asset accountant…I hated it. Details aren’t my thing.

I was actually hired by Merrill Lynch to work in London. After a very rowdy good bye party, I was told by Merrill Lynch when I arrived that they had just laid off 600 Brits, they forgot I was coming, and they would be hanged if the other staff members saw a new American working at the firm.

So I had to think quickly, I didn’t want to go back home! I called Northeastern and filled them in, they got me interviews with Colgate, Bank of Scotland and IBM.

IBM wanted me, I chose them because I thought it would look good on my resume. It was a mistake.

IBM United Kingdom headquarters is located in Portsmouth, England, ninety minutes south of London. After a month, I realized that I didn’t like working for corporate America, I didn’t like accounting, and I was in the middle of nowhere.

The one good thing it did for me was to realize I was going to work for myself. I figured if I’m going to put in all those hours and have to play politics to get ahead, I’d rather be working for myself because I would make a lot more money and I’d be in control of my destiny….I was right!

I should have taken the job at Bank of Scotland and lived in the heart of London, that’s where all the action was!

So, I lived in Portsmouth for almost a year, and in that years time, I got to know the British people, I learned their culture and ate their food. I like the people, although it was difficult  to get them to like me, except for my flat mates, the liked me and we had a lot of fun together.

But no one at the local pub would talk to me until they had at least five pints in them and then I became a very good friend.

The problem with that was, it usually happened around 10:45 and the pubs in England close at 11! So I would go in the next night and say “hello” to my new friends….but again, they didn’t know me until they had about five pints….this happened weekend after weekend. Finally I just started traveling over to Europe or up to London, just to get away. That was really good.

I ended up seeing fourteen different countries while I was there! And do I have some stories!! I usually traveled with friends and those English party really hard!

The times we spent in Amsterdam….I could right a book, fortunately there was no internet back then, I think there would be some very discriminating pictures!!

Someday, I’ll write about the drunken mutiny on the overnight ferry I was whiteness to…witness, not participant…they all got arrested when we got to port the next day….it was crazy!! OK, back to the main point.

I learned about the English class system while I lived there. I learned the English people accepted the class they were born into and had little hopes of getting into another class. I found this to be unbelievable. I explained how it worked in the US….start with nothing, work hard and you can be President!!

They would tell me it was all “rubbish”. I would tell them that one day I’m going to fly over here and give them all a ride on my own plane.

Well, I really don’t have a desire to have my own plane but could if I wanted. I have let them know of my progress through the years and they are absolutely astounded.

It is true, America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Those brave enough to strike out on their own, to take the challenge of working for yourself, of self reliance, self motivation can, in a very short period of time….prosper and become very prosperous. It all starts with a decision and then an action. Have you made your decision? More importantly, have you taken that first action.
It’s said that Kate Middleton’s mother changed the school she was going to send her daughter to when she heard that Prince William was going to go to Andrews Academy. That was a decision and an action that will forever change world history.

As I reminisce about how great it was to witness that wedding, eat those warm scones with jam, dive into the bangers and beans and wash it all down with cake….I wonder….what decision will you make? What action will you take?



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