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The Work Life Balance vs. The Integrated Life


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran talks about his 5 steps to freedom and how he wasn’t following his own advice on step one; deciding on the type of lifestyle you want to live. Ryan works less today than he ever has, is happier, and makes more money. This episode focuses on work life balance and the correct way to go about an integrated life.

Main Questions Asked

  • What is an integrated life?
  • What was Ryan’s life like two years ago?
  • Why Ryan’s life changed when he traveled

Ryan’s 5 Steps to Freedom

1. Decide what you want out of life
2. Cut out the things that don’t serve you
3. Expand your possibilities and incomes
4. Invest in yourself and long-term wealth
5. Give back out of your abundance

Key Lessons Learned

  • Be a savvy business person and cut out things you’re not passionate about
  • Be clear on the life you want and know what’s necessary to build that life
  • An integrated life is when your passions and work feed each other and pull you in a direction toward your goals
  • Some people think they have an ‘integrated life’ but its actually ‘integrated work’ with no life
  • The ‘keg of creativity’ gets tapped when there are constant unforeseen distractions
  • The constant ‘fire fighting’ of email and Facebook kills productivity and becomes the central part of your day
  • ‘Batch’ email time (let it build up and only check a few times a day)
  • Decrease distractions and focus increased productivity
  • Schedules can be rearranged and ‘batched’ e.g focus on email at a specific time and don’t check outside.
  • Put focused work on certain projects and certain times and don’t think about outside of the assigned times
  • Everyone needs time to refuel and do things completely unrelated to work

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RyanMoranRyan Daniel Moran
Ryan Daniel Moran is one of the most sought after speakers and thought leaders on lifestyle freedom in the world. He specializes in creating extremely profitable cash flow streams and businesses without compromising your lifestyle. Ryan is passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to live extraordinary lives, and he believes that anyone can live the life of their dreams as long as they take responsibility for their results and take consistent action toward getting what they want. When Ryan isn’t inspiring his listeners and readers, you’ll find him at an improv show, a Cleveland Indians game, or traveling the world.

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