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Things That Hold You Down From Success

Everyone has his own definition of success. We all know, at least approximately, what we want and what makes us happy. We read books, attend trainings and already know how to become successful. So why the desired success is still so far away?

If you ask yourself about it from time to time, it means that some things there inside your head are set up against your success, and you may even not realize it.

If something goes not the way you wanted, check this list. Maybe you can tell about yourself one of these things? If so, then get rid of this thrash ruthlessly and the results will be better than you expected!

1. You’re not sincere enough with yourself. And, as a result, you don’t dare to confess that you want completely different things than those you try so hard to get. Remember if your purpose is not really yours, and you want something because it’s popular or someone already has that, even if you get it, it won’t make you happy. So, it’s necessary to have a clear goal, but the goal should be already yours.

2. You think negatively about yourself. Really, it’s silly to hope that good things will happen if you’re sure that you’re not good enough, or stupid, or don’t deserve it etc. Yes, we all have some negative past experiences and beliefs. But if you let them determine your future, you’ll never reach success! So, the faster you get rid of all negative thoughts about who you are and what you deserve, the faster the progress in your life will begin.

3. You’re stuck in your comfort zone. When you do only the things you feel comfortably doing, you don’t develop and don’t really make any progress. In order to achieve something you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.

So if you want to succeed in something, you’ll have to make it up with the feeling of discomfort as it’s the first sign that you’re moving towards your goal.


Paul Smith is a freelance writer. In his spare time he listens to music, composes guest posts about business, self-development and career and writes

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