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The Simple “Switch” To Change Your Thoughts and Results

You may already know that the results that you get in your life are the results of the thoughts that you have.

If you change your thoughts, you change the results that you get.

If you know that freedom, financial abundance, and happiness are possible, then your actions change, and thus your results change. If you keep hearing that each are impossible, then you will believe it to be true for you.

Your thoughts determine your actions, and they thus impact your results.

But do you know where your THOUGHTS come from? 

Get the answer in this video from Ryan:

Your thoughts are largely made up of two things:
1) The people that you hang out with.
2) What you HEAR or READ on a regular basis.

Biologically, we are wired to become like those in our community. Therefore, if we change the people that we hang out with, or we feed our brains with new thoughts from new books or audio programs, then we change our life.

IF YOU READ THE NEWS OR LISTEN TO DEGRADING MUSIC, your life will reflect this. You will believe what the media tells you. You will believe that there is scarcity, that the world is getting worse, and that there is no hope.

(Note: stop watching the news and listening to degrading music.)

But if you listen to success minded people, hang out with them, and read their books, then you will become like them, because you will begin to change your thoughts.

Even changing what you listen to on the way to work will impact the thoughts that you have, and thus change the results that you get. 

When you feed your brain with thoughts of success, then you start to create success.

That’s why I started the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, so that everyone could have something for free that they could regularly download into their brain, and thus change their thoughts.

And in an effort to spread the word about the podcast, I’m giving away Kindle Fires to random subscribers on Freedom Fast Lane. 


Because I created Freedom Fast Lane to given you something to listen to that will elevate your thoughts, and a new Kindle will give you something to READ to elevate your thoughts.

Plus, getting subscribers on iTunes helps me rank higher in the iTunes store, which means I get more listeners and more speaking engagements.

I’ll be giving out Kindle Fires to random subscribers until October 3rd (my 27th birthday).

If you’ve found value in the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, please consider giving back by subscribing for free and/or leaving a review in the iTunes store.

Here’s what you need to do to enter to win:

Step 1) Click here to open the Freedom Fast Lane podcast. 

Step 2) Click “View In iTunes.” 


Step 3) Click “Subscribe.” 


Step 4) Comment on this Facebook thread to let me know that you subscribed. 

Note: Yes, I’m aware that I’m totally asking for a favor. My goal with Freedom Fast Lane has always been to give an immense amount of value for free. If you’ve found value in the podcast, please subscribe on iTunes (it’ll be like we’re “official”), and consider leaving a review on the iTunes store. It helps me spread the message of freedom.

WARNING: The Freedom Fast Lane Podcast is guaranteed to change your thoughts.

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