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Travis Sago: Happy First, Wealthy Second


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran interviews Travis Sago, Ryan’s go-to man for advice. In his twenties Travis smoked two packs a day, was divorced and so far in debt he considered bankruptcy. He noticed he was playing life by the wrong rules and made a decision to radically change. In this episode, Travis talks about how he has achieved so much, enjoyed the process and remained content while still being a driver and moving forward.

Main Questions Asked

  • Share the story of your book Love Yourself
  • How do you do it? What’s the secret to life?
  • If happiness is inside of us does that mean wanting things is bad?
  • If I understand the problem then what do I do about it?
  • Talk about the person who says ‘you don’t know what I’ve been through’?
  • When you have a problem and its all you can think about what do you say to that person?

Key Lessons Learned

  • The ‘rules’ are what we set up in our own lives
  • If we are struggling with something then our personal ‘rules’ may be a little ‘off’
  • There are two major hoaxes in life

‘Baby’ Hoax 1) Happiness is somewhere out there

  •   By ‘out there’ we mean in our next promotion, amount of money, soul mate etc.
  • We believe until we have those things we can’t have happiness
  • Many people get what they want but then realize they are still not happy
  • Hard chargers – go out and actively seek what they want and get angry when things don’t go their way
  • Some people think – I’m never going to be happy because I can’t get x then stop trying and get depressed

Answer to Hoax 1: Happiness is already inside of us

  • Security and happiness are just feelings as is fear
  • Our natural default setting as humans is peace

‘Big Momma’ Hoax 2) We should take our thoughts and thinking seriously

  • Thoughts are just thoughts and often inaccurate
  • Events are simply events – it’s your thinking around events that make the difference
  • Thoughts are not our intelligence (that comes from a different place)
  • 100% of what we feel comes from our thoughts
  • When we feel we have a hole inside we can’t fill, then you can’t have a satisfying relationship
  • There is nothing you can’t turn into ‘heroin’ e.g. jogging, meditation etc.
  • The ‘rumble strip’ of life is when you are veering off the path

 Three Action Steps: See it, experience it, shift it

1) See It – the predicament we are in

  • The principles change everything not the application

2) Experience It – when we have stressful feelings we are taking thoughts too seriously

  • Ask yourself – “what could be the reverse of this being true?”
  • Start to notice small things
  • By practicing and being aware of our thoughts, we get used to the idea of realizing which thoughts we are taking too seriously and affecting us emotionally
  • Once we are aware of this we know this is just a thought

3) Shift It – You don’t have to listen to the voice in your mind and you are free to create what you want

  • Typically we are only afraid of two things 1) not getting what we want 2) losing what we have
  • If we don’t take our fearful thoughts so seriously it makes room for creativity
  • The only thing that makes something a problem is our serious thoughts about it
  • You are not the thoughts in your head

Reverse implication of the Hoax 1 – Happiness can be taken away and we need to defend it in order to keep it

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Is happiness a hoax? Find out what Travis Sago has to say in this brilliant podcast #entrepreneur

There are two big hoaxes in life. Find out what they are and how to deal with them w/ Travis Sago

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