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IT’S OFFICIAL: Travis Sago will be on the speaker lineup for Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015.

Travis is one of my personal mentors, and I credit my relationship with Travis for being one of the main reasons that I am a millionaire. You may know Travis as one of the greatest living email copywriters, the founder of The Bum Marketing Method, or as a guest on the Freedom Fast Lane podcast.

It was Travis’s mentorship that gave me the greatest “leg up” in my business, and put me on the fast lane to success. Freedom Fast Lane Live would not be complete without my mentor, Travis. 

Few people, however, know Travis as being an all around example of success. Travis is incredibly fit, committed to his wife, and dedicated to his customers. Beyond just being financially successful, Travis represents all that it means to live a well-rounded, happy, successful life. He’ll inspire every member of the audience when he speaks on the F2L2 stage in December 2015.

How does Travis represent the F2L2 idea of thinking bigger?
 Travis has a magic power of finding untapped profits and passion in the lives of entrepreneurs. I never leave Travis’s house without upleveling my life and business, and it will be impossible for you to interact with Travis without changing.

What does it look like to “have it all” in life and business? Where might you be overlooking profit and opportunity in your business? How do you recover from a set back and “get your mojo back?” Travis will be sharing all of this and more from the stage in December.

Seeing Travis in person, and meeting him face-to-face, is alone worth the trip to Freedom Fast Lane Live (F2L2). Tickets go on sale August 11 – sign up for early bird notifications for tickets here.

Have you been impacted by Travis in some way? Share how in the comments!

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