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TRIBE5: The Morning Routine That Restores Work Life Balance

Tribe 5
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Take a peek inside The Tribe and become privy to a central part of the training from within. In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran shares a ritual for tracking and maintaining your progress in every area of your life. This is not only Ryan’s personal morning routine but is also the same process he uses to keep the team accountable and ensure everyone is on the same path. This daily process is used in order to set and track the habits needed in order to reach the goals set and is a way to gamify progress towards goals.

Setting, Maintaining, and Achieving Your Goals

If you track your progress and the daily habits you need to have and share it with someone else. This episode reveals a central part of the training inside the tribe that is becoming the framework and was taught at Freedom Fast Lane Live.

The Tribe

The ‘Tribe’ is an acronym for the five areas of growth in your life that all have a financial ROI.

  1. Time
  2. Relationships
  3. Income
  4. Body
  5. Expansion

The above points make up most of our lives and have a direct correlation to how much money we make and enjoy life. Habits can be made around the five areas and scored on a daily basis as a way of measuring progress, staying on track and to developing habits. If you do this with an accountability partner or life partner or someone it will be extremely impactful. The process is based on the Todd Herman podcast of 90 Day Sprints.

90 Day Targets

Set no more than a 90 day target for each of the five Tribe areas. In 90 days how would you like to be spending your time? Where would you like to invest your energy and time so that you can have more freedom? Where would you like to experience a change in your life that would make a meaningful impact in your life? Focus on one thing for the 90 days.


Ryan found that blocking out Facebook created extra time in his life. The target was to experience flow, which was defined as spending 80% of his time in creative activities.

This meant getting free of email, Facebook, and meetings that he didn’t want to be at. The habit was to block Facebook. If he left it for the day he would earn a point. If you aren’t sure of a target then the recommendation is to have one meditation per day for 5 minutes.

The One Thing

What is the one thing in your business that you can do every day that will move the needle of your business? This is a pass/fail exercise.

The Body

If you don’t have a clear goal, get greens in your body or track and get 10,000 steps per day. What is the daily habit and thing that can get you the slight edge for many years in order to avoid the inevitable problems our habits are giving to us.


Look at how you think and what you perceive as normal then it can be reverse engineered. What daily habit can I quantify that in 90 days will give me clarity on the path? If it isn’t already your daily habit you should be reading high level though books and make 10 pages a day your target.

Measuring Progress  

Each morning write TRIBE in your journal and use it as your scorecard. Circle the points you got and cross out the ones you didn’t. After about three weeks you can look at your life and assess how you are doing. If you are getting the points then change is inevitable. If you are not on the right track then you need to change the habit that you are practicing. If you, your partner and your employees are getting the one thing done every day it is really easy to track the progress as entrepreneurs and individuals.

Moving Forward 

Identify your five objectives and five daily habits are in each of the categories. The process is simple you are simply tracking the things you know drive you further toward your goals. When you track and share you are more likely to keep and maintain the habits. This is a way to keep yourself and someone else accountable for practicing the daily habits that need to be done in order to achieve the results we want.

Money is an amplifier of different areas of our lives and if we don’t’ have everything lined up then we are amplifying major holes Focus on income and business as well as health, relationships. Everything is an investment and your relationships, thoughts, and health have a financial ROI. If you want the best results in life you have to manage all the different areas.

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