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Want Your Business to Be Noticed? (6 Standout Marketing Ideas)

Do you want your business to attract positive attention? Focus on marketing. Here are six standout marketing ideas that can grow your business exponentially.


Receiving gifts creates an instant bond between giver and receiver. To build your customer base, offer attractive and useful gifts that will put your company in a favorable light. Personalized drawstring backpacks are an excellent giveaway item that can be distributed at local festivals and fairs, business events and tradeshows. Backpacks are used by people of all ages. They’re great for moms with young children, preschoolers, school-age children and adult travelers.

Promotional Items

Consider offering promotional shopping bags. Widespread in use, these bags with your company’s name on them can be used for personal shopping or professional affiliation, when given to employees, customers or visitors. The public will view your company as thoughtful and generous in providing valuable and useful gifts.

Want Your Business To Be Noticed- 6 Standout Marketing Ideas

These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure.


From the parking lot to the hallways, use attractive, colorful but tasteful signage to guide clients through your facility. On special days, like “bring a child to work” day, you can set up candy bowls near larger signs to help catch young visitors’ attention and reward them for finding their way through the building by following the signs.


Similar to physical signage at your company’s office, hire an expert designer to establish an informative and interesting web presence for visitors and customers. You may include helpful tips or useful facts about the industry as well as links to coupons or discounts as well as special events and celebrations such as the annual company picnic. Ensure that your website is user-friendly and appealing to your target market.

 Public Persona

Decide who will act as the company spokesperson. This person represents the company at various public events. This recognizable figure can help to brand a company at various public functions.


Use appealing characters, a fun jingle or an engaging storyline. Make readers want to see or hear more about the company in video, print or web content. Develop an attractive logo and a catchy slogan that will grab viewers’ attention. With ingenuity, you can utilize a variety of marketing strategies to impress current and prospective customers.

Your business may become the talk of the town.


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