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Why Activity Increases Success

Perhaps you’re familiar with Newton’s First Law of Motion. The first part of his law reads, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to remain at rest.”

I wonder if this has anything to do with why some people are more successful than others – at whatever they attempt? I think so. A related expression is, “Success comes to those who take action.”

Do you ever get stuck in your own inertia? Of course you do! We all do from time to time. Sometimes we just get tired and stop moving – and then it’s hard to get started again. I work out regularly, but if I catch a cold and have to lay low for a few days, sometimes it takes a few more days to get going again. Can you relate?

Sometimes it’s our fear that keeps us from taking action. If you’re stuck in inertia – if you’re a “body at rest” but don’t want to remain there – the first thing you should say to yourself is “what am I afraid of?” “What fear or doubt is keeping me from taking action?”

Success With Body In MotionThen, we invoke the rest of Newton’s Law, “…unless acted upon by an outside force.” The best way I’ve found for getting unstuck from my own inertia is finding an “outside force” to kick me in the psychological butt – to get going again.

So where do you find that outside force? Usually it’s a friend or loved one who can give you a loving, but stern push – or two or three. For example, I needed to get going with some sales and marketing activities in a new niche for my business. I was procrastinating. I had some blockage. I went to a friend of mine who also had a similar challenge with his business. Now we are holding weekly phone meetings to set goals, hold each other accountable, and celebrate our successes.

Accountability is a great “outside force” for most people. Use it!

I hope you find some value in these ideas. I’ll be back next month with another perspective for you to ponder – and then act on! Remember! Ideas do not make you more successful. Only acting on ideas will bring you more success!

Cates-1Bill Cates
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