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Why Lying Is Never a Good Idea!

Have you ever told a lie? Even a white lie so you wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings?

We tell lies to one another to avoid seemingly uncomfortable situations and generally we are not trying to be malicious when we tell them.

Lying, or being phony, often seems like the easy way out, but recent research shows that being real- being honest- is what is takes to be successful as a group or individual.

Being honest, or living authentically, requires us to be vulnerable and to share how we feel. But once you get past the scary part, the rewards of honesty can be enormous.

Are you ready to create trust, confidence, and team unity by being honest and speaking authentically?

Let Mike Robbins show you ‘The Power of Authenticity’ in this inspiring, and honest, video.  

Mike Robbins - headshot - green shirtMike Robbins
Mike Robbins is the author of two books, Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, which have been translated into fourteen different languages. He’s a sought-after keynote speaker who speaks at events around the world. Some of his clients include Google, Stanford University, Wells Fargo, Gap, the US Department of Labor, New York Life, Adobe, Citibank, and the San Francisco Giants. For more information about his work and to read more articles on his blog, feel free to visit and to enjoy a free meditation, click HERE!

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