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Why You Need To Be Tenacious, Not Persistent, To Make It

If you want to be a successful business owner, you have to admit that you are a glutton for punishment.

The truth is YOU are choosing this stressful path in life. You could have just stayed employed like everyone else but nooooooooo, you have to make things all difficult don’t you?

Now that you have started your business what’s happened? You’ve hit a few bumps in the road and now what–you want to feel bad for yourself?

Perhaps the banker denied your loan application, or your seasonal promotion that you thought would be a SMASH HIT is tanking, leaving you in the negative for the quarter. And now, you’re down in the dumps and even though you may haven’t said it out loud you have thought about it more than once…QUITTING!

You start to think, “Maybe the in-laws are right. Maybe I should just get a “regular” job like everyone else?” Or, maybe you are just being persistent when you really need to be tenacious.

Why Tenacity Makes All The Difference

Why You Need To Be Tenacious, Not Persistent, To Get It#1 – Preparation

“I’m on a practice field runnin Two-A-Days, So I don’t drop the ball when it’s threw my way” Jay-Z [Off That]

This line from rapper Jay-Z personifies what tenacity in preparation is all about. The point compares summer football practice “two-a-days,” where there are two practice sessions per day before the season starts.

If you are persistent, you would probably practice only once daily. If you are tenacious, you are surely practicing twice or more EVERYDAY.

Practice does make perfect. The better you are at your craft, the more your customers will notice and the more referrals you will receive.

Have you ever had a GOOD caterer?

Persistent entrepreneurs tend to think they are already good enough, the tenacious KNOW they NEED to get better.

#2 – Prospecting

If you are persistent, you have probably printed up some business cards and you keep them with you at all times – just in case you meet someone who might be interested in your product or service.

If you are tenacious you are constantly searching for new ways to systematically pitch new prospects. You don’t just promote your brand you BECOME IT. You don’t just pass out business cards, you have made your car a mobile billboard with your best offer printed all over it. You know it may look strange, but you also know it works like a peppermint on a sore throat at generating fresh new LEADS for your business.

#3 – Follow up

In the past, when you went into a store and made a purchase, as you were leaving the owner would say, “y’all come back now ya hear?” If you are persistent this probably describes what you are doing in terms of following up with your clients.

If you are tenacious then you have probably taken things to another level. Why? Because you know that businesses receive 80% of their business from 20% of their client base.

This means return business IS the business.

A perfect example is Home Depot. When you make a purchase, they ask you if you want a receipt sent to via email. When you agree, Home Depot also sends out the occasional alert about products that you may be interested in, that are on sale.

What are the chances that you would take advantage of this offer? Much higher than someone who didn’t provide their email. How would they even know about the sale?

In conclusion, you have to accept that the decision you made to start and grow a business is a difficult one, and in order to succeed, it will require much more from you than anything you’ve ever done.

It takes the lowest amount of effort to be someone’s employee and maintain a job.

It takes persistence and dedication to excel as a human resource.

It takes absolute tenacity to make it as a business owner.

Choose wisely.

Darnell JacksonDarnell Jackson
Darnell Jackson is the founder of Your online Biz. He graduated from Florida A & M University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, before working for Anheuser-Busch, Satyam, Citi, 3M, and Allstate. Darnell has now owned his own business for 10 years. You can follow Darnell (@FreedomMMC ), on Twitter SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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