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Your Picture of Success

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t gotten to where you want to be? Do you spend time thinking about how you are going to get there? Here is a simple exercise you can do to get to where you want to go, faster… and have a good time getting there.

The first thing I want you to do is imagine you are in a picture. It’s just you, in a field, standing there staring at the camera. After this picture is taken and you look at it, do you think the person who is in the picture can get to his/her goal (I’m going to use “his” from now on) alone?

Absolutely not, every accomplishment is completed with the help of other people. Some people help directly, and some help indirectly. Some people you talk to and some people you never talk to but get mentored by their audio tapes and written articles.

Do you know why private money investors want to see a business plan? It’s not because he wants to see your 3- and 5-year projections—they know those are crap, and that things change too fast in this world.


They want to see the business plan because they want to know who is on your team… who you have surrounded yourself with to reach your goal. The quality of your results depends on with who you surround yourself.

Now, let’s take another picture. This time it’s you in the same field but now your are surrounded by the people who are in your life right now—dozens of people… family, friends, people you work with and acquaintances. This is a picture of you and the people in your life right now. Look at the picture closely. Who in that picture is helping you get to your goal?

Is there one, two, three or more? If so, that’s good but not great. Who in the picture is detracting you from your goal… not only are they not supportive, but they actually do or say things that are opposite of what you want?

Take an inventory of the people in that picture. Either they benefit you in some way, or they are a negative force in your life. The first thing you should do is eliminate the negative people.

(Oh no, not the negative people! Who will I bitch with when I want to blame other people for my failings? … Just get rid of them!)

Now let’s take a third picture. This picture is the same field… you are in the center of the picture and you are still surrounded by people. Some people are the same people who were in picture number two but there are now some new people who were not there before.


When you look at these new faces, you immediately notice how positive they look and how confident, intelligent and warm they are.

What’s even more interesting is the new people in the field with you are all people you respect, admire, or would like to be more like.

All of the new people with you in the third photograph are people who reach their goals. They feel good about themselves. They do things that are fulfilling. They all have plenty of money in the bank, and they all share the good with the people around them. Their goals and ideals are just like yours.

If you want to be successful, which picture would you choose? It’s pretty obvious. Now get out a blank piece of paper. Put a circle in the middle and write your name in there. Now start creating new circles with the names of people who you respect, who reach their goals, who are optimistic, who are achievers.

After this is done, create a plan to meet with these people; have lunch with them; call them on the phone; seek their counsel; let them know of your goals; ask them about their experiences…

Have these types of conversations at least three times per week, and watch your life change.

You will be amazed just how quickly that change takes place.



David Lindahl, also known as the “Apartment King” has been successfully investing in single-family homes and apartments for the last 18 years. He is the author of four popular, money making home study courses “Apartment House Riches”, “How To Estimate And Renovate House For Huge Profits” “Managing For Maximum Profits” and “The Real Estate Investors Marketing Tool Kit”. Click here to receive a free copy of his latest free book ” A Complete Guide To Making Money In Real Estate In Your HomeTown”

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