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Taking Your Ecommerce Business From Idea To $100 Million, and Every Stage In-Between

One of my favorite books was always Ready Fire Aim by Michael Masterson (AKA Mark Ford).

I think I liked it because it laid out a plan to actually go from zero to $100 million. And I like the clarity that comes with having a plan.

It was actually what inspired me to think about my businesses in “stages,” which is how I constructed my now “Zero To $1m In 12 Months” strategy, which has created so many millionaire businesses (over 100 of them at a conservative estimate).

I don’t own a $100 million business yet. I’m about a tenth of the way there, so I’m still scaling up.

But to get to where I want to be, I’ll need at least $100m business.

So I am constantly looking for people who have gone from idea to $100 million, because I find the lessons are applicable no matter where you are in business – especially if you’re still starting out.

$100m sounds cool. It sounds mysterious. But the “strategy” behind it is pretty simple once it’s revealed. 

It’s kind of like a magic trick; once you see it, it makes obvious sense.

And they all start with an idea. 

All $100 million businesses start as an idea.

First, an idea.

Then, you take sales.

Then, you release more products.

You build a following.

And then you’re on your way.

So if you’re still in the “idea” stage of your business, learning from people who have gone from zero to $100m can take you from zero to one, or one to ten, or ten to a hundred.

I’ve had Josh Bezoni on the podcast, who did $100m in his first twelve months. And I’m fascinated by stories like that… because they are always really simple. 

Not EASY. Just simple.

And simplicity drives results.

When things get complicated, results suffer.

Last December, I interviewed Robert Herjavec on stage at Freedom Fast Lane Live, and he recalled the time that he hit $50m per year in sales.

“I got depressed,” he said. “Because I realized that I was the same person. Nothing changed once I reached my goal. So I might as well go for bigger goals.”

There is no magic to getting there… once it’s “demystified” it becomes very clear.

I’m fascinated with brand stories like Tom Bilyeu, the founder of Quest Nutrition. The guy had an idea, and he started taking sales.

Five years later, his company does $400m in sales per year, and everyone knows who they are.

He went from idea to $100m in just a couple of years.

I don’t know any “Amazon Sellers” who sell $100m per year… but I know a lot of BRANDS that sell that much. 

Someday, I’m going to own the Cleveland Indians. I don’t know what the idea is going to be that takes me there, but I do know that it will follow the same process as every other idea that “hit it big”:

Stage One: Taking Sales and Automating Your Channels
Stage Two: Creating More Products and Duplicating Stage One
Stage Three: Building The Following and Influence

I think the reason our students have been so successful in going from “Zero To One Million” is because the plan to your first million is really straightforward.

The same plan will take a lot of businesses to $10 million.

I assume that it will take businesses to $100 million… but I don’t know, because I haven’t done that yet.

That’s why I put the smartest brand builders, physical product sellers, and investors into one room for an event called Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Freedom Fast Lane Live is where we deconstruct the strategies of the world’s most successful brand builders and ecommerce entrepreneurs… as well as investors and big thinkers… and you walk away with a clear plan to implement their strategies into whatever stage your business is in.

You walk away with the strategies that will take you from “Just An Idea” to $100m – And every stage in between.

We bring in people who are ten years ahead of where you want to be, so that they can simplify the path to getting to where you want to go faster. 

I believe that the path to freedom is a two step process:

Step One: Build A Business and Build A Following

I do this by building really big brands… by following in the footsteps of Tom Bilyeu, Cameron Herold, Mike Dillard, and John Mackey… and learning everything that they know about the process. 

I then build rabid audiences and sell really good products to them. I start on Amazon and then scale into other channels. 

Step Two: Invest The Profits For Passive Income

I take the money that I invest and put it into passive income streams; stocks, real estate, investment funds, and then do everything I can to reduce my tax burden. 

This two-step process is the fastest way to be financially free, make a large impact, and do it in a way that is secure and sustainable.

And when you hear HOW people have done that… it becomes “normal.” And when it’s normal, it’s easy.

This year, I have invited Tom Bilyeu to share the strategies behind Quest’s meteoric rise from idea to $400m in a few years.

I’ve also invited Cameron Herold, who may be the best in the world at crafting the strategies behind going from $1m to $100m. He also advises Amazon business owners and physical products entrepreneurs to scale quickly.

And I’ve invited Mike Dillard, who is putting together a new physical products company – and his entire board of advisors has already been a part of $100 million businesses. Together, they’ll reveal how it will go from zero to $100m… kind of like a “live case study.”

John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods, will be there keynoting Day Two. He started Whole Foods with $30,000, and now it sells $13 billion per year. I want to know the strategy behind that.

And Alicia Silverstone… yes, that Alicia Silverstone. Most people don’t know that she’s a millionaire physical products business owner. And she started with an idea and a passion for a cause that she believed in.

And Peter Diamandis, just for fun. He’s the biggest thinker that I know.

Point is – regardless of if you’re just starting out, or you already run a $10m per year business, we constructed a lineup that can help you implement the strategies that will get you to where you want to go faster. 

From December 9 – 11, 2016 in Austin, TX, we’ll deconstruct the strategies behind the world’s most successful business owners and investors, and then give the action set to the most productive people on the planet – entrepreneurs and brand builders.

Every great business started as an idea.

And then it was a small company.

And then it did something great.

Not all companies break out, but I’m fascinated by those that do. This December, we’ll put the greatest minds on stage to uncover the strategies some of the biggest breakouts in our lifetime.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to solve world problems. I believe it to be the fastest way to make changes in your life… your family’s life… in your community… and among the world at large.

I think it’s a problem that only a few entrepreneurs really break out. Because with more of them, we would solve more problems and make a greater impact.

Capitalism and entrepreneurship is the greatest contribution that we can make to one another. That’s why we need more success, we need more wealth, and we need as many successful business owners as possible.

My goal with Freedom Fast Lane Live is to ensure that happens by bringing new entrepreneurs, seasoned, and the world’s elite into one room.

When the biggest thinking physical product owners, brand builders, and ecommerce entrepreneurs get together, magic starts to happen.

We’ll create impact by scaling impactful businesses. We’ll create freedom with wise investment choices. And we will impact generations by distilling the strategies of the world’s greatest business owners and investors, and giving them to today’s budding physical product entrepreneurs.

If you’re an entrepreneur… or even a wantrapreneur, your path to success and your capacity for growth is in direct proportion to who you hang out with and learn from on a regular basis. 

Freedom Fast Lane Live is your opportunity to go from zero to $100m… or to go from zero to one… or one to ten… or ten to a hundred.

Tickets are currently in pre-sale, and you can reserve your spot here.

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