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How To Go From Zero To 8 Figures Using Amazon And Direct Response

In this talk at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018 in San Diego Ryan talks about how to build a REAL brand that is SELLABLE… how to create a company that “old money” would like to buy from you for a big exit some day.

Want to see a behind the scenes look at Ryan in San Diego? Check out this video blog here.

Show Notes

You can turn any marketing stream or audience into a physical products brand

Do you know how to build an audience of tens of thousands? If you do, even if you don’t sell physical products right now, you can launch a line of three or four of them and sell them to people who you already know are interested.

People will always buy stuff

The market may change in many ways, but one thing always stays the same: people will always need to buy physical products to meet their daily needs. There will always be demand for that. That alone creates a huge incentive to get into the physical products market..

Make and brand stuff that speaks to people

If you come up with a unique idea for a product that really embodies the values of your target market, they will adore you. Not only will they buy your stuff, they will tell everyone they know who might be interested to buy your stuff. You’ll see a multiplicative growth in revenue.

It was great hearing Ryan’s talk!


Key takeaways:

  • You can turn any marketing stream into a physical products brand
  • People will always buy stuff, and
  • Make and brand stuff that speaks to people


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