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John Amaral: How Tony Robbins’ Doctor Changed My Life


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What the heck could your spine have to do with your entrepreneurial success and lifestyle?

When I first heard of Network Chiropractic, I laughed at the people who were talking about it.

Then, after one session, my whole life changed.

Recurring pain was gone. Recurring skin problems disappeared. I felt lighter, freer, and happier.

John Amaral is one of the top Network Chiropractors in the world, so I asked him to come onto Freedom Fast Lane and to explain what the heck was going on.

John is well-respected in entrepreneurial circles, and he’s Tony Robbins go-to guy. In fact, Tony Robbins flies John everywhere that he speaks to keep Tony is tip-top shape.

As you’re listing, pay close attention the following:

– The Connection Between Your Body And Mind, And Why It Impacts Your Business
– The Single Greatest Investment That I Made Into My Business (Hint: My Body!)
– How This Work Allowed Me To Make Changes In My Business…
– WHAT You Need To Do To Experience The Same Changes…

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ryan purple shirtRyan Moran
Ryan Moran is an entrepreneur, speaker, world traveler, and influential writer and podcaster. Ryan is passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to live extraordinary lives. He believes that the world is better when people are free, and when they are empowered to live extraordinarily. Ryan believes that anyone can live the life of their dreams as long as they take responsibility for their results and take consistent action toward getting what they want. Ryan lives to inspire people to follow their dreams, to make a difference in the world, and to live a better life than they knew possible. When Ryan isn’t inspiring his listeners and readers, you’ll find him at an improv show or traveling the world.


John Amaral is a Network Chiropractor and speaker, as well as one of the top Network Chiropractors in the world. He is Tony Robbins’ goto guy, and he flies around the world with Tony to keep him in tip-top shape. John is a skeptic, and he thought this work was silly until he experienced it for himself. He is now changing the world through this work.

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