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You Become Who You Hang Out With

It is a simple rule of the universe: you become who and what you surround yourself with.

You are a direct result of the thoughts that you think, the people that you spend time with, and the books that you read.

One year from now, you will be exactly the same person that you are today EXCEPT for the books that you read, the people who you spend time with, and the thoughts that you think.

Therefore, if you want to change your life, then you must change your thoughts, change the people that you hang out with, and change the books that you read.

If you are constantly around 10 rich people, you will learn that it is easy to make money. If you are regularly around 10 poor people, then you will constantly hear why making money is scarce and difficult.

Hang out around with ten exceptionally fit people this year, and you’ll naturally get into better shape. Hang out with ten fat people, and you will start eating carbs.

In early 2013, I (Ryan) moved to Austin, TX for this very reason. Although Cleveland, OH is my home and where my heart lives (more specifically, my heart lives at Progressive Field, the home of the Cleveland Indians), I needed a change of scenery to get to the next level.

The result has been extraordinary, because my thoughts have changed. The people that I met elevated my mental frequency almost immediately. Austin is a very entrepreneurial, active, and happy city. I have immediately become more driven, more active, and happier.

When you’re around people doing awesome things, you remember that anything is possible. You remember that you are unlimited and can do absolutely anything.

And in some weird way that I don’t yet understand, you create more time. Maybe it’s because you start prioritizing things – I’m not sure. But you somehow find time to do the things that other people are doing – whether that is eating cake, getting in shape, or making a million dollars.

You make time for what you believe is important, and what is important to you is determined by the people that you spend time with.

How much you earn, how much you create, how much fun you have, are all in correlation with the “frequency” that you put yourself in line with – and that is determined by your thoughts, the books you read, and who you surround yourself with.

If you want to change your life, CHANGE YOUR FRIENDS

Surround Yourself With Good People

Right now, there are two ways for you to do that:

1) This week, my buddy Matt Clark (who I met snowboarding in Whistler about a month ago) announced his Amazing Selling Machines class. It’s very exclusive and very expensive.

The only people who will be joining will be people who are SERIOUS about taking their lives a new level.

2) To continue in that spirit, I am excited to announce the Tribe of 25, my new mastermind group that coincides with the release of Amazing Selling Machines. I am putting together a group of 25 successful and soon to be success entrepreneurs who will be going through this class together.

The reason for this is simple: you become who you surround yourself with, and The Tribe of 25 will surround you with success and dedication. Later this year, I plan to open The Tribe of 25 to the public for $12,000 per year. But right now, you can get free access to The Tribe of 25 when you join Amazing Selling Machines through this link.

Already, half the spots have been taken, which means there’s already an awesome group of people ready to take their lives to the next level. Together, we’ll be navigating the waters, helping each other, and playing on the same team.

TODAY, take an inventory of the things you do on a daily basis and the people that you see on a regular basis. You will find that your income level, your fitness level, and your overall happiness is an average of those activities and those people.


Make a list of your goals, the activities you do every day, and the people that you hang out with. Next to each item, write down if that person or activity HELPS you get closer to your goal, or if it TAKES AWAY from you achieving that goal. 

You’ll find that there are things in your life (and people in your life) that you need to CUT OUT. And when you cut them out, you create space for things to come into your life that pull you toward your goals. 

Ryan Moran purple shirtRyan Moran

Ryan’s motto is “live life to the fullest.” And, he certainly lives up to the challenge.

As a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ryan started a small internet business from his dorm room to help pay his tuition . . . and by the age of 20, he was earning a 6-figure income and other online ventures – all while continuing to study full time. Needless to say, Ryan’s “side business” allowed him to graduate debt free – with a nice chunk of change left over.

After college, Ryan expanded his online business and set out to see the world. His next big adventure? Inspiring others to live free lives and create their own destinies . . . just like he had.

With that vision in mind, Ryan created the Freedom Publishing Group LLC, which offers life-changing products in the financial freedom, health and fitness, and self-development spaces. The Freedom Fast Lane is a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing their skills to help others succeed in achieving their dreams.

Ryan is a world traveler, an avid Cleveland Indians fan, and a big fan of freedom.

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